Unusual volume of file deletion

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I have recently started receiving a lot of Unusual volume of file deletion alerts that point to a users \AppData-Local,\AppData-Roaming paths, and deletions that appear to be related to application updates or clearing of caches.  I thought this alert was limited to Sharepoint or Onedrive deletions. This is an on/off policy with no ability to set path exceptions.  Just curious if I missed an announcement or something else is contributing to this increase in alerts.

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Nah, they've been around for years, you probably haven't run into them yet. If you are using MCAS (Defender for cloud), you can disable this policy and replace it with a more robust one, if it's creating too much noise.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for the prompt response, I will take a look.  This just seems to have started for me on November 10th. It is noisy.