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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Unspecified error when attempting to apply "Do Not Forward" in Outlook desktop

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Office 365 E3 user. User is properly licensed and AIP is activated on tenant. Running Outlook desktop (click to run), and we get this error.

Can anyone advise? 


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@Bob Manjoney Hi. That error is unfortunately quite non-specific, so it is difficult to say what's the cause.

It is most often related to authentication, and the cause is usually:

* Some old registry key which is pointing the client to the wrong tenant. Resetting the client should clear this up. 

* Authentication is misconfigured, for example federation doesn't work or something of the sort. 

* The required authentication type being disabled. I saw this in one case, where the client was missing the following registry key:

  • Keys:
    • HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\MSIPC\Federation
    • HKLM\Software\ Microsoft\MSIPC\Federation
  • Name: EnableBrowser
  • Value (DWORD): 1

Adding it solved the issue in that case.

Finally, it could be some invalid client configuration, e.g. some Office updates missing. This is important when consuming content between tenants since several issues have been fixed in the last couple of years for this scenario.

If none of these solves the problem I recommend you open a support case, and gather some client logs (with the AIP client Help and Feedback option) so they can look for the root cause of the problem. 



@Enrique Saggese Thanks. The error I see in the AIP help/feedback dialog pop-up is, under Client Status: "Failed downloading Information Protection Policy"


Unfortunately I didn't have any success after trying the troubleshooting steps you suggested, so I did go ahead and open a support ticket.


I have gotten the usual runaround from MS Partner tech support - after spending over an hour taking screen shots, collecting logs, going through remote desktop sharing sessions, etc. with someone, she seemed to "give up" and told me she was going to email me a powershell command that I was to execute, and to send her the results. She literally sent me a one line email with a the name of a Powershell command. LOL. 


Anyhow, I did that, sent her back the data returned from the command, and the next thing I know I'm reassigned to someone else, this time on the Exchange Online team, who tells me "We don't handle this, you need to open a support ticket with the Azure team." and a link, which brings me to a place where I can open a ticket for paid technical support for Azure. And of course start *all over again*, right back to the beginning. 


Shoot me now.



@Bob Manjoney I'm sorry to hear about the poor support experience, I till bring this up with the support team. Still, support is the right way to handle these issues since they do have highly skilled people that has access to the right tolls and data sources and can perform the right troubleshooting, but it is unfortunate that with a technology that touches as many components as AIP it sometimes takes a bit to reach the right specialist. We are working on improving the support flows around Information Protection, so hopefully your experience will not be repeated in the future. 

In the meantime, if you can get a client log from the AIP app (via Help and Feedback) and send it over to me (reach me on Yammer) I'll have someone take a look (still, continue working with support, as I am traveling I can't guarantee a quick answer). 



Ok, I did just that. Opened a support case again, this time with the Azure/AIP team, and after going back and forth doing essentially the exact same things I had already done with the Exchange Online support,, the support engineer said, "It's not an Azure issue, it's an Outlook issue" and said I need to report this to the EOL team.

Hi @Bob Manjoney . Seems like a frustrating case. Could you please tell me what your event log says? There should be a dedicated log for Azure Information Protection. It could also be interesting to see what your AIP logs says. (Help and feedback in your AIP client, and export logs)

@Pål-Erik Winther ,


You'r right, it's been frustrating, mostly because I lost a potential client in the process. At no time with the partner tech support channel have they ever collected, asked for, or looked at these logs, and you would think that would be one of the most fundamental and routine things they would do. It wasn't until I posted here that @Enrique Saggese  and you requested that information (and I provided Enrique with the ZIP'd logs privately), so I thank you both for taking your time and interest.

There are no errors posted in the AIP event log, only a single informational event related to the successful download of the AIP policy by Outlook.


Thanks for your help,

Very sorry to hear that. Unfortunate that support never asked for the logs. That would be (as I did here) one of the first things I would ask for in a case like this. I wish you the best and hope you will not experience this again. I am sure @Enrique Saggesewill be able to help you. 

@Bob ManjoneyDid you ever track this down?  I have exactly the same error and getting a pointer would be really useful.