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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Unified Labeling Client - Provide help link to a custom help page

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Hi all, in the label policy configuration in the SSC there is a option to set a link to a custom help page. In the documentation it seems like that this feature is working with the built-in labeling client.


Is this link also available/visible within the AIP unified labeling client (for example in the labeling bar in Office apps)?


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Hi @mmancina 

We got the same issue. It seems to work with the built in client but not with the unified labeling client. After installation of the unified labeling client this option disappears. Also checked Azure Information Protection Viewer "Learn More" Link and the sub menu in the unified labeling client. I send a text to Elina Kaminsky maybe she replies. 


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Hi, good to know that this is a common issue. Would be great if you could share the answer if you get a reply.

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Hi @mmancina 



Custom help link does work the same way in both the AIP client and the built-in labeling, its location is slightly different: in native this is the "Learn More" link in the bottom of the drop-down menu; in the AIP client this is "Tell me more" link in the "Help and feedback" pop-up windows.


But for me this doesn't work. I need to check if I miss something else.



Hi @mmancina

Found my problem. I had multiple label policies assigned to me which seemed had conflicting settings. After reducing the policy label set to one it worked. I don't understand why it worked with the built in client and not with the AIP UL client.


Maybe this link helps you as well:



many thanks for sharing.