Unable to view Peer Organization Secure Scores

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I was working on a metric document and when I logged into view the Secure Score Metric in Defender for Endpoint, I was only able to view my organization score, in the location of this normal metric it was blank. I normally look at this metric 1-2 a week so it was there last week but no longer visible. Is anyone else having this issue or was the peer score moved to a different location.

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@AlyseBloggs Yes, I have the same problem. I was able to access "organizations like yours" comparison data as recently as 10/18 but not since. I reviewed Secure Score changes (What's new in Microsoft Secure Score | Microsoft Learn) and can't find anything recent but I've checked repeatedly over the last two weeks and it's not showing in either the Comparison bar chart area or the Metrics & Trends tab, which are the two places I normally see it.

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@WonkyMcChonky  Same issue.



I found that if you go to Reports > Monthly Security Summary, then it is shown under the summary and under a dedicated card

I wasn't able to locate it here but the regular comparison location is working again today!
Thank you @Kingcharles2001uk and @WonkyMcChonky! I was able to get the [organizations like yours] secure score using the reports option and this morning I was able to view that metric in its previous location this morning. I hope you both have a wonderful rest of your day and week. :)