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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Unable to access newly created Microsoft account (linked to Microsoft Office and Windows linked)

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Hi, I am unable to access my microsoft account created at the time of purchase of my new HP laptop. I have been continuously trying but failing.


There is an account unlock form that is programmatically analyzed and the program assessment is FINAL (not even humans can review and recommend it for further analysis). The information seeked in form and my constraints are as follows:

1. Information of Purchased product - I bought HP laptop which came with Windows and Office license but proof of purchase of laptop is not what they seek (NOT ACCEPTABLE TO MICROSOFT). They seek credit card information of direct Microsoft purchase.

2. Email and Subject of any emails sent - None, since the account was only made because we had to login to microsoft and use windows + office on new laptop. I can confirm that no email was sent and received a welcome email. I can share the date and time for the same. But NOT ACCEPTABLE to Microsoft

3. Old passwords - Since, it was new account No passwords were changed. I can confirm with all likeliness the password that we have currently (just account is locked is a problem). CURRENT PASSWORD NOT ACCEPTABLE TO MICROSOFT. 


Had it been just the account, I would have been fine but license of windows and office is linked with it. And I am not allowed to use the license because of the inefficiency of Microsoft. 


I really don't know what to do. 

account: email address removed for privacy reasons

Even AI outputs are reviewed, but here we have no way to review :(

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@akgarg00 Hello! This is the Microsoft Tech Community discussion space, intended for discusssions about the Microsoft Tech Community website itself, not other products and services.


I don't believe this is a question the community can solve for you - I believe you'll need to reach out to about this.


But just in case, I'm moving it to a more on-topic discussion space for your post in the Security, Compliance and Identity discussion space.