Try our new Azure Confidential Ledger (ACL) in private preview!


Azure Confidential Ledger (ACL), a new managed Azure service in private preview, is a tamper-proof register for storing sensitive data for record keeping and auditing or for data transparency in multi-party scenarios. It offers Write-Once-Read-Many guarantees which make data non-erasable and non-modifiable. It offers verifiably authentic logs through evidence which can be universally validated.


Some potential use cases include: collaborative workspaces with low trust, auditing applications where adversaries may want to tamper.


If you are interested in this private preview, you can sign-up here and our team will engage with your organization directly.


See a demo of ACL given by Mark Russinovich here (begin at: 1 hour 13 mins).


If you want to reach out to us regarding this preview, please email:

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