Tips and Tricks: The More Details Link for an Asset Returns No Data in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Deployment Status
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You’re up and running with the new software deployment features in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – deploying applications, software updates, package and programs, configuration baselines. But there will inevitably be a few deployments where targeted assets do not meet the requirements or possibly have problems. You can see these from the Monitoring workspace, when you click the Deployments node and drill into the Status of the deployment, and then click the Error or Requirements Not Met tab.  See the following screenshot for an example.

The assets (devices or users) that are associated with the selected error or requirement appear in the Asset Details pane. For each asset, you can select the More Details link, which displays a dialog box, similar to this one:

Due to the complexity of the query and the amount of data queried, there might be times when the tabs in this dialog box do not immediately show any data. The average time to display this data is about 6 to 7 seconds. During this query time, the dialog box shows no data, as seen in the following example:

After Configuration Manager has retrieved the data, the information is displayed. As an example:

Or you might see data similar to the next example:

Depending on the deployment and the details for the asset, not all tabs in this dialog box will have data to display, so in this case, a blank tab is expected. For example, if the deployed application does not have any dependencies, the Dependencies tab will not display any data. Similarly, if the deployment does not conflict with any other deployment, the Conflicts tab will not display any data.


  • Unlike other dialog boxes in the product, the Asset Message dialog box does not display any information that data retrieval is in progress to indicate that you must wait.
  • When you click the More Details link for a selected asset, you might have to wait for the data to be retrieved and the dialog box to be populated with data.
  • Retrieval time is dependent upon your environment but it is not expected to exceed 15 seconds.
  • Not all tabs in the Asset Message dialog box will have data to display.

For more information about application management in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, see Application Management in Configuration Manager in the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Documentation Library.

-- Michael Wray

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