Third Party DLP Templates For Encryption?

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We're an E5 org with hybrid E2016.  All user MBX's are in EOL, but we relay mail out to the internet from app servers that requires encryption.  I'm working on a project to deploy Office Message Encryption (OME), and since our org deals with health, financial and other related PII I'm concerned that the OOTB DLP Templates and EOL Transport Rule settings may not be sufficient to catch 'everything' outbound that we need to have caught and encrypted.


Has anyone dug deep into the default templates/rules and done an assessment of their efficacy?


Next, are there any good 3rd party companies who specialize in the DLP templates that cover not just generic SSN/DL/DOB triggers, but also details of things like HIPAA and other state/federal regs that would enhance both our ability to catch the outbound mail for encryption and minimize false positives?  We're currently using Zixcorp, which is our 1st outbound hop and who we want to get rid of and rely on O365 exclusively.


The only thing I've found is 'Nucleuz':  

They seem to have what I need, but I want to know about and evaluate any competitors (including native MS capabilities) before moving forward.

All input is appreciated.


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Can i ask what exactly you are looking for in DLP policies?


Office 365 (security & compliance center) has built-in HIPPA & PII DLP templates:




I've seen those and looked at the different ones, but most have 2-3 items at most that seem to be the triggers.  For example, the HIPAA Template (used AFAIK in the EOL Transport Rules) only has SSN and/or DEA# as triggers.  US Financial only has CCN, Bank Acct # or ABA #.


Unless there's much more than meets the eye those seem very incomplete.


What if your needs are much more specialized, such as regs for different states in different fields (health, legal, etc.), various Federal agencies, and the like?  


I want a more complete and vetted lexicon that I can use in a template to create my encryption rules/policies for.