The Immense Challenge of Protecting Office 365 Podcast
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Many of you are aware of the threat protection services offered in Office 365.  These services include Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Advanced Security Management (ASM), and Office 365 Threat Intelligence.  Countless users leverage the daily protections offered by each of these services.  However, few realize the depth, breadth, and enormous scale of the Office 365 ecosystem.  Each month, we analyze 450 BILLION emails for malware.  Very few (if any) platforms have such a significant volume of emails that flow through it.  Despite this scale, we manage to prevent most cyber threats from ever impacting our millions of customers.  We also rapidly respond to any threats that do get through our initial defenses to ensure that there is minimal to no impact or interruption to our customers.


Recently, the Director of Office 365 Information Protection, Rudra Mitra sat down with the hosts from Down the Security Rabbit Hole, one of the most popular and well regarded podcasts in the cybersecurity industry.  Rudra manages the teams that develop security for Office 365 and thus he has  unique visibility into the back end of different aspects of Office 365 and how Microsoft focuses on providing the most secure Office 365 environment for our users.  It's a rare opportunity to gain perspective from one of Microsoft's engineering leaders on how Office 365 security is built and managed. 


Down The Security Rabbit Hole hosts Rafal Los and James Jardine are both security experts themselves and always invite guests who have unique and significant roles in the cybersecurity industry.  We hope you take a moment to listen to their interview with Rudra as they delve into how Microsoft operates behind the scenes to maintain security for the vast Office 365 network and helps ensure that customers have an amazing experience with Office 365 while remaining protected from the latest cyber threats.  


The Immense Challenge of Protecting Office 365 Podcast



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