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The 1604 Update to the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library is now available.
Published Sep 08 2018 08:50 AM 314 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on May 17, 2016
The Configuration Manager Sustained Engineering team is pleased to release the 1604 update to the System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library. It can be downloaded on the Microsoft Download Center here . In addition to fixes and enhancements to specific cmdlets, this update includes the following important changes.

General Changes

  • Detection and error reporting when passing an IResultObject value into a string parameter
  • Improved error reporting for permissions-related failures
  • Support for “Fast” mode for some Get cmdlets
  • Changes to the Update Check logic

New Cmdlets for:

  • multiple auto deployment rule deployments
  • configuring a certificate registration point site role
  • working with collections and collection members
  • configuring conditional access policies for on-premises Exchange
  • configuring a service connection point
  • importing a wireless profile, e-mail profile creation, certificate profile creation, user client certificate private key import
  • simplifying performing ad-hoc functions against the SMS Provider from the CMSite drive
  • new cmdlets for creating task sequence media
  • configuring a Windows servicing plan

New Hybrid management cmdlets for:

  • remote lock and PIN reset
  • configuring an Intune subscription
  • configuring device support for an Intune subscription
  • configuring device management enrollment managers
  • Apple device management key generation

Changes to specific cmdlets:

  • Improved performance for collection member cmdlets and Driver related cmdlets.
  • Several cmdlets that worked with lockable objects (applications, software updates) were updated to ensure proper locking and reporting. This includes the following cmdlet families: CMApplication, CMSoftwareUpdate, CMBaseline, CMDriver, CMPackage, and CMTaskSequence

General issues fixed:

  • Site role cmdlets may not validate that a specified connection account user is valid and present in the site.
  • Some Application and Certificate cmdlets may silently fail if no matching results are found (regression from Fall 2015 release).
Note: Some of these changes apply only to the current branch of System Center Configuration Manager. You will find more details in the release notes on the Microsoft Download Center here . As a heads up we would like to let you know that starting with the next update, the Cmdlet Library will be released with the current branch of System Center Configuration Manager instead of as a standalone package. This will allow us to take advantage of the current branch shipping cadence and update channel, to keep you up to date with new cmdlets. For additional information about the Cmdlet Library, please refer to the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library Documentation and the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Help Reference . Let us know what you think about this latest update to the Cmdlet Library. You can provide product feedback for the Cmdlet Library on the UserVoice site for Configuration Manager: . You may report issues on the Connect site for Configuration Manager: . –Yvette O’Meally Additional resources:
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