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First published on CloudBlogs on Jun 10, 2015
We want to hear from you! Tell us which features are most important to you using our new feedback site powered by UserVoice. Just like with Azure , Windows Phone , and many other Microsoft products, you can now submit ideas for new features and enhancements that you’d like the Intune team to consider, and you can also tell us about any issues that you are experiencing when using Intune. Everyone can see what you submit, and in true community fashion, they can vote for your idea if they like it, or vote up your bug to show there’s support for getting it fixed. We promise we'll look at everything that comes in, and seriously consider ideas and bugs that get a lot of votes. As with all projects, we do still have to balance schedules, features, and resources and stay true to our overall mission. But if we hear from a lot of you that an idea or bug really matters, we’ll make an effort to prioritize it. How to get started The new Intune feedback site is located here . You don't have to memorize it; just click the feedback link at the bottom of the Intune admin console or the Intune account portal which will take you to the Microsoft Intune site on UserVoice . On the site, you can browse all you want without logging in, but if you want to vote for an idea or submit your own ideas, you'll need to provide your name and email account, and accept the UserVoice terms of service. One of the really cool things about UserVoice is that we can also use the site to have a conversation with you about what you want and don't want. People from the product team will be watching and, if we have questions, we can ask what you mean. If we decide to take your suggestions, we can tell you that something is planned, and also let you know when it's released. When logging in, make sure to enter your real email address so that we can communicate with you directly regarding your feedback. Note: Use the Intune UserVoice site for suggestions related to Intune standalone (cloud only) and Intune connected with System Center Configuration Manager (hybrid). If you have ideas for something related to System Center Configuration Manager that is not specific to mobile device or application management, submit your feedback here instead: . P.S. If you submitted feedback using the feedback links in the Intune console before, don’t worry we still received your feedback. We used some of that feedback to populate the new site, so you should look for your idea on the UserVoice site and vote for it, or add it. And make sure to encourage your friends and fellow admins to vote for your ideas too!
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