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Tell Us Your Suggestions for Configuration Manager
Published Sep 08 2018 06:51 AM 234 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Jun 10, 2015
Author: Cathy Moya, Program Manager, Enterprise Client and Mobility System Center Configuration Manager is a product with a long history, and many of the product improvements we have made have been driven by customer feedback, for example, maintenance windows and client health. Starting today, we'd like to encourage you to submit your ideas to us in a new way, using a service called UserVoice. Our goal is to get more feedback about the product, and get that feedback in a way that lets the broader Configuration Manager community rally around the best ideas. Just like with Azure , Windows Phone , and many other products at Microsoft, you can now submit ideas at our UserVoice site, , and anyone can vote on which ideas they like most. The Configuration Manager site will be for the “on-premises” features of Configuration Manager, like PC/Mac/UNIX management, operating system deployment, and software update management. To make suggestions about anything related to hybrid configurations where you are using Intune connected with Configuration Manager for mobile device and application management, visit the Microsoft Intune UserVoice site . While we'd love to implement every great idea that is popular, please remember that we have a lot of suggestions to prioritize. For example, when the Windows team says, “We need you to do X so we can do Y," that's obviously pretty high priority for us. It also takes a bit longer to ship products that aren’t services, so even though we see the best idea ever and we want to do it, it may take a while to get it released. With all these challenges, can we really take what you say on UserVoice and implement it? Yes! We think that, by using UserVoice, we can gather better data and get a better sense of what you need. That information is crucial when we have to make hard tradeoffs during the prioritization process. Here are some tips to think about when submitting your idea:
  • Title: When you start to submit an idea, UserVoice automatically tries to see if it can match your idea to one that has already been submitted.
  • If someone already filed it, or something close, vote for the existing idea. You can comment in the thread if you have variations to propose, but keeping the same general idea together helps attract votes.
  • If no one has filed it yet, make sure you keep the title short but descriptive, so others can find your idea and vote for it.
    • Describe your idea: It really helps when you provide details such as:
    • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
    • What is the desired outcome?
    • If we don't make this change, what is the impact to you? Are you completely stuck or is there a workaround?
What about Connect, the site we've used previously? We'll keep using Connect for "bugs” or problems related to anything we've already built. To file a bug, you'll have to have a Microsoft Account and then join the open feedback program . After you are automatically added to the program, you can file bugs here . Ready to get started? Go to and tell us what you think! You can browse all you want without logging in, but if you want to vote for something or submit your own ideas, you'll need to provide a name and email account, and accept the UserVoice terms of service. --Cathy Moya Configuration Manager Resources Documentation Library for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Forums System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival Guide System Center Configuration Manager Support Submit Configuration Manager Product Ideas Report Configuration Manager Product Issues This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.
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