Teams DLP in chats and teams

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Hi - we're very interested in the DLP capabilities added to Teams. We typically invite our clients/contractors/etc. in as guests to a project-related team. So, it looks like we can apply DLP policies to documents shared in the team with our existing E3 licenses, but the DLP won't take effect if I have someone doing a one-on-one Teams chat with a guest unless our person has an E5 license? Am I understanding that correctly?


Also, how does the DLP apply when my person is a guest in another company's Team? Can my person be prevented from sharing sensitive documents in that scenario?

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@MalcolmReitz Hi Malcom - you will need an E3 license to use Office DLP in SPO, OD, and EXO, and you will an E5 license to use our DLP protection in Teams chat. 


Yes, when your users are Teams Guests with another organization, their messages are scanned and protected by your organization's DLP policies.

Thank you, Mas.