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Support for RMS protected PDF and PPDFs in Adobe Reader
Published Sep 08 2018 05:38 AM 10.8K Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 16, 2014
Happy Tuesday, Today we’re happy to announce a highly requested (sometimes demanded) addition to the RMS family of enabled applications: Support for protected PDF and PPDF in Adobe Reader . Gigatrust is the partner delivering these goodies. It's called Gigatrust Desktop PDF and here are the terms:
  • Available now
  • Pricing varies from $1.95 per year to $5.95 for 3 years.
  • Pricing is per user and permits the use on up to 5 PCs.
  • Extends Adobe Reader v10 and v11
  • Generous trial terms – 90 days of free use for up to 100 users in your organization
For more information, visit this at this link: For those of you who are not familiar with Gigatrust, here’s a short interview with Bob Bernardi, their CEO. Dan: Bob, please introduce GigaTrust to our readers. Bob: Thanks Dan I would be happy to.  GigaTrust has been an ISV partner with Microsoft building products for the RMS platform since RMS was introduced in 2003.  Based on a lot of interactions with large enterprise customers and listening to their requirements we have developed a whole suite of products that extend and enhance RMS. We have supported RMS protection for PDF’s and other file types for years and enabled all of the major mobile platforms as well. We developed an administrative console for on premise deployments in large enterprises that provides detailed reporting, tracking, and alerting as well the creation, management and distribution of policy for the automatic application of RMS protection to documents across the enterprise. We also offer solutions that connect RMS to content management systems, network shares and report generation tools. And now we are very excited to be working with you and your team to extend the reach of Azure RMS both inside and outside of Office 365. Dan: Tell us what you guys are doing in the coming months for the Office 365 and Azure RMS suite? Bob: Our first mobile app for Azure RMS will be for Android.  It will handle both RMS protected email and protected attachments – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF docs.  We will even be able to handle RMS docs that arrive on the device by means other than email – say, a SharePoint download or OneDrive. This first version supports View rights.  Shortly thereafter we will be adding support for Edit rights so users can make changes to the document right there on their phone or tablet – of course, only if they have sufficient permissions.  This will be coming out around the end of January 2015. Per above, we have also released our GT Desktop Client for Adobe .  This very easy to use application for Windows allows your customers that are protecting PDF documents in your new PPDF format to view them securely in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.  They only need our application and they can continue to use Reader – no new viewer required.  I know your customers will be excited about that. And in order to make it easy for our customers to evaluate it, we are offering it with a 90 day free trial.
Dan: What about iOS? You must have something coming for that, right?
Bob: Yes indeed.  In February we will be releasing the first version of our iOS app that will support email and View rights for attachments.  We will likewise be adding Edit support for iOS soon thereafter. Beyond the these point solutions we are also developing and transitioning our rich administrative tools to work with Azure RMS so that we can bring the same rich policy creation and management that we have offered for years to the Cloud environment for RMS. And lastly, we will continue to offer consulting services to firms that are planning RMS deployments. Dan: As always, thank you and your team for being a great part of our ecosystem. That will be our last post for 2014. See you all in 2015! Cheers, Dan on behalf of the RMS team
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