Supervision for Distribution Lists Members incorrectly appearing in review mailbox


Looking for some validation or expected behavior for surveillance and supervision in Office 365. 


We have noticed a slight bug that is causing some pain for our compliance team. Would someone to be able to confirm that this is expected behavior or say they are experiencing the same behavior?


When e-mails are sent to a distribution list, the e-mail tagged for review does not indicate the employee who received the e-mail. Put into other words, an email that gets flagged for supervision to a user does not show anywhere which user actually received the email. It only shows DL information. Is there a way to see which employee(s) received the e-mail and is getting randomly flagged for review? Is this expected behavior? Or is it tracking this as it was delivered to all DL members?


Or does it matter what user received it because it was sent to multiple people? That seems a little lazy if that is the case. 




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Tom, answering your question from a while ago, this is a by design today.