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I'm looking for a  better understanding of operations associated with Microsoft and finding it overwhelming but awesome none the less.  Please excuse the ignorance and how far behind I may be compared to my peers. Please excuse the lack of general knowledge. With that being said and me recently having a Lenovo ideapad 720 stolen brings me to my question. With all the data found and stored on each microsoft user and/or laptop how are we not able to offer a broad general solution to stolen property? I didn't realize I should've had additional software installed to find my laptop, yes, Ignorant I know. but even with additional softwarie installed all someone has to be is erase and install a new window on the unit a bam they don't have another worry in the world.  I understand I have kinda made this personal and Im not trying to break the rules. Im sure Im not the only person thats had this happen. My mind is blown at how their isn't a more general, built-in solution. What are things I can do to possibly create or start to learn to build a write such a program? what and who do I need to ask these questions to too educate myself properly? Thank you @Eric Starker 

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I have moved your message to the Security, Privacy & Compliance space as that seemed more appropriate than responding to a no-longer-active AMA.


I am definitely not the person to answer your question - I'm a community manager rather than a product expert - but hopefully someone in this community can help you!