Standard Security licence for certain VMs but not all

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We have certain vms which I think once we have tried the standard Microsoft azure security centre we may like to buy it but as we have a lot of vms and we are a charity I don't think we want blanket coverage after the 60 days free trial.

Can we select a number of vms which we can protect using this or is it an all or nothing deal ?




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Hello, Steve. Usually the Security Center activates you for the entire Environment. after a trial time you pay for use. Usually the Prevention part is free, and the Detection part is paid for. It pays to use the trial and then convert to the same business use. Thanks!

Thanks Gustavo


But what we would want to do is use the standard service .. for just a certain set of defined VMs reading the blurb on this it looks like i can. Can i ?



Yes. For free.


Another feature can be paid.


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