SSL Browser "Your connection is not secure"

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I am running windows 10. On all Browsers for any HTTPS site I get "Your connection is not secure" . I have change the motherboard battery. The strange thing if I boot the machine at the top of the hour then there is not an issue with SSL. I have checked the system time and it is the same as the other machines on the network. No other machine is experiencing the same issue. The user on the machine is a Excel user with emphasis on investments, primarily stocks and their performance. The problem first appeared when Windows 7 pro was installed. I upgraded the machine to Window 10 Pro and the problem went away for 48 hours. I get the error message for Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge. I have deleted the SSL database and let the system recreate it. No Change. I have reset the browser back to default with no change. Cleared History and Cookies with no change. Running Symantec and no viruses are found. Ran the Norton Power Eraser and no malware is found. The mother board is 8 years old, and is an AMD processor with 16 Bytes of memory. The hard drive is a Samsung SSD 500 GBytes drive. Ran the utilities and no errors. The user has local Admin Rights. Any suggestions?
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I think you are suffering from a critical issue, though I'll try to give some solutions.

1. Disable the IPV6 from your system (perform following steps to disable IPV6
2. Replace the CMOS battery, as I think you might have replaced the faulty battery.
3. Check whether the website you are accessing is blacklisted in Firewall or in Antivirus, or try to disable Antivirus and Firewall.

If all the above options won't work, you must reinstall the windows 10.