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SharePoint Secure Score questions

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Noticed two things for Secure Score on SharePoint:


Title:  Review list of external users you have invited to documents monthly
Description: You should review the list of external users that you have invited to sensitive documents on a weekly basis. Attackers that have compromised accounts with sharing privileges will be able to expose sensitive data to external users for long periods of time without regular review of who has access. We found that the last time you reviewed this report was on 2/13/2018.


The Title says to review monthly but the description says weekly.  


The other question I have is for the SharePoint links:


Title: Configure expiration time for external sharing links

Description: You should restrict the length of time that anonymous access links are valid. An attacker can compromise a user account for a short period of time, send anonymous sharing links to an external account, then take their time accessing the data. They can also compromise external accounts and steal the anonymous sharing links sent to those external entities well after the data has been shared. We found that your external link expiration time is set to False. If you set an expiration time, your score will go up 2 points.


We have it set up not to share links outside of our tenant.  We are not given the option to set an expiration.  I have tried to set it to allow anonymous links and set the time and then set it back to the original setting thinking that it would see something is set, to no avail:


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Can we get credit for the score if we are not sharing externally <smile> ?



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