Set label comment for users

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Using either New-ComplianceTag or Set-ComplianceTag I cannot see a way to set the user comment for a label whereas you can through the UI. There is a single parameter called -Comment which if you provide it, sets the admin comment for the label. 


Anyone know if this is possible through PowerShell?


I am not sure if it matters because although the tooltip states that the user description will appear as a popup when the user hovers over a label, I cannot get this to work anywhere? Anyone seen this in action?

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I don't believe it's possible via PowerShell, but adding @Tony Redmond to confirm.

I don't think so either... But I will have a look-see.

PS C:\temp> Set-ComplianceTag -Identity "Office 365 for IT Pros eBook Content"  -Comment "Best files for the best book"



Well that is bizarre. When I use -Comment on set-complianceTag it changes the admin description not the user one for me. 

I have however spotted the -Notes parameter that updates the user description I can see now.