Sentinel doesn't accept my Security Administrator role

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We have full access to client tenants as a security administrator, but the tenant does not seem to want to recognise this. The main issue is that we cannot add data connectors to new clients, everything else is working fine.


We were previously able to add data connectors. We then changes the domain, as we changed business names. This is a fairly standard process, and we have actually changed names once before without any issues. 


Then suddenly we were unable to access data connectors in any client tenant, despite having security admin privileges the tenant does not acknowledge this access?


Has anyone else had experience with this issue and knows how to help? Thank you.


E.g. Data Connector Issue


Data Connector IssueData Connector Issue


Yes, we have security admin privileges


Security Admin Priviledges.png




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@Richard_Webb_spicyit you need contributor access to the subscription that your Sentinel instance is located in, Security Administrator is only part of the access required for provisioning new connectors into sentinel