Sensitivity labels

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I want to publish sensitivity labels; use sensitive data types to automatically label files with a sensitivity label and then create DLP policies based on a label. Is all this possible now?
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Hi @Anthony Weaver

You can publish sensitivity labels

You can automatically label files based on sensitive info type

You cannot base DLP policies on sensitivity labels currently, only retention labels and sensitive content types. There is a uservoice open for it currently.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Thank you. 


Do we know if/when DLP will be integrated with Sensitivity Labels? 



Hi @Anthony_Weaver

Per Article

You can currently use only a retention label as a condition, not a sensitivity label. We're currently working on support for using a sensitivity label in this condition.

No timeframe given. Unfortunately no articles on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap yet

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for confirming this. You have any idea why that is so? Maybe the Information Protection team thinks it's not really necessary since the actual document protected by Information Protection is encrypted and should not be able to be opened by unahtorized anyway so they simply don't think we need to DLP protect it?

Hi @Jonas Back

As per article -

'We're currently working on support for using a sensitivity label in this condition'

So they have confirmed it is coming. It may be a frustrating time for some, and in hindsight maybe this should have been introduced earlier. All we know it is coming and Microsoft have committed to it. Ultimately good news and I hope it's added sooner rather than later.

Best, Chris