Sensitivity Labels, specifying trusted domains using OutlookJustifyTrustedDomains?

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I've created several Sensitivity Labels and marked them as requiring justification to send to untrusted domains.

Now I want to define the domains which ARE trusted and bypass justification prompt using Set-LabelPolicy -Identity "Global" -AdvancedSettings @{OutlookJustifyTrustedDomains=" ..."}


Does this option imply subdomains are also trusted? In other words would -


Set-LabelPolicy -Identity "Global" -AdvancedSettings @{OutlookJustifyTrustedDomains=""}


mean that emails to, etc. would NOT generate a justification prompt?


Also where can I report on the justifications users have input?





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Any feedback on this. looks like this doesn't honor Wild card as well.

How can we exempt teams domain which has a format