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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Sensitivity Labels in Desktop Applications

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We have recently enabled AIP labels for our tenant and have some strange behaviour issues on the desktop clients. We have not installed the AIP client as our version of Office ProPlus does show the native labelling.  


For example, if I launch Word, Excel and PowerPoint on my laptop, I can see the Sensitivity labels in Word and PowerPoint. In Excel the icon is greyed out. If I save an Excel document in OneDrive or SharePoint, then the button is available.


If I create a word document on my laptop and I can assign a sensitivity label to the document. If I then save the document to SharePoint and then try to re-open this with the desktop application, the sensitivity button is greyed out. The web app allows me to see the label and re-assign if necessary.


PowerPoint is the only application that seems to work on the laptop and online. 


Any ideas what would be causing this issue?  Are there any local registry settings that could be causing this issue?

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@Dhiran Gajjar  You can try below options


1. Install Azure Information Protection unified labeling client and check

2. Install Office 365 ProPlus 1910 or above build version

3. Check if SPO and ODFB configurations is done for Sensitivity label


Wait for 4-24 hours then try once again.

@SenthilrajanKaliyaperumal- Does the client need to be installed? Our assumption what that you could apply the labels with the Office ProPlus build of 2002+?



If you already have latest than 1910 build then you should be able to apply label.

Please check you label and policy settings. Or create a simple label and publish to you and check. Make sure that you don't have any encryption in the test label.

If still you same issue then please raise a ticket with MS