Sensitivity labels and DLP for SharePoint

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I know there is currently no support to use 'Sensitivity labels' in Office 365 DLP. There are workarounds available like creating a DLP policy that uses the label value for Document property e.g. MSIP_Label_<guid>_Enabled:true.


One workaround has been used for SharePoint like this one which is based on search index. I note this workaround uses AIP labels. I have found that sensitivity labels don't appear in SharePoint search index. 


Has someone out there tried configuring Office 365 DLP policies that use sensitivity labels to protect documents in SharePoint as mentioned above.

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If you run this PowerShell command then the files should be searchable
Set-SPOTenant -EnableAIPIntegration $true

@Joe StockerYep...we have done that already but no luck. None of the sensitivity labels related properties are showing in SharePoint search index.