Sensitivity label still showing in outlook client after it was deleted

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We have a label that was deleted from the policy and it is still showing in outlook client.

It is no longer showing in outlook on the web.

We have removed the registry key.

Updated Microsoft office.

Uninstalled and re-installed AIP unified client.

We have deleted the policy file from the registry.


still the issue persists.


Please any other troubleshooting steps to carry out?

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Hello Mazi_Emeka,

Just to be sure, did you migrate your old labels from AIP to Unified Labels?
I did see this behavior once when there were duplicate labels.

@BemmelenPatrick  thank you Patrick, it is now showing. I reached out to Ms support and they fixed it from the backend ! awesome guys :smile: 

Glad to hear you got it resolved Mazi_Emeke!
If you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask them into this wonderfully community!