Sensitivity Label Auto-Apply not working


Hello all,


I am running into an issue with a couple of tenants where an encrypting label that is configured to recommend the application of a label is not working in any Office client.  It isn't working in Office Web either.


The label is called Confidential-Internal and is a sub-label of Confidential.  The label was configured to recommend application of the label when a credit card was detected in the document or email.  However, numerous tests have not had a Policy tip appear.


The policy pushing the labels out is configured to apply a default label.  The default label is lower in sensitivity than the auto-apply label.


Here is the layout of my labels:

Label Layout.jpg

I can see the labels within the Word document.  The version of Word is 2108, but I also have the AIP label client version installed.  However, I do not believe that office is the issue since the web versions of office are not providing a policy tip either.


I have created an auto-apply policy with the same settings and in simulation it finds the same documents, so I know sensitive info types are correct, but it just won't pop-up a tip in Word, Excel, or Outlook (I have enabled advanced configuration for Outlook)


Here is how the rule is applied:

Credit Card Config.jpg

I have also tried lowering it to low confidence.


I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to the cause of this.


Thank you.

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Quick update.  I moved the auto-labeling label out of the sub label position and put it at the root.  I am now receiving the policy tip in the web version of Word, but still nothing on the client side.

@David Drever Did you ever get this to work the way you intended? If so, how?