Sensitivity column in Windows Explorer populated

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Does anybody know when the sensitivity column in Windows explorer will be populated? Currently the only way I see which label is applied to a file is either through AIP unified labeling client, sharepoint document libraries or open a file.


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would like to see this too. Any ideas @Nir Hendler ?

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@Wolfgang Bach It's a roadmap item. no specific commitment or timelines we can provide now.

@Nir Hendler we also have a strong business requirement to see the classification of files in the explorer. This would help us to manually classifiy already existing data and also to see if and how other File-Formats like PDFs are classified. The Workaround using the Adobe Plug-Ins for Reader and DC is not really an option just to show the classification.
Is there any update on this "sensitivity column in Explorer" Topic? Timeline?
Can you explain a little bit, what makes it so hard to add this?

Thank you for this feedback @Markus. The ability to label files outside Office apps is done with AIP Client using the "Classify and Protect" component. Using Adobe Reader is designed to consume the file and see the label in addition to that.
I don't have more to share on your 2nd ask at the moment regarding native Windows File Explorer integration. We are looking into it as part of prioritization for other highly anticipated features.

Dear @Nir Hendler


Do you know if there has been any progress made on this request? 

No Update at the moment

@Nir Hendler having a column in the file explorer is critical to the long-term successful adoption of users to sensitivity labels. One drive and its ability to sync libraries to the desktop was critical to our organization's users adopting SharePoint as a file storage location. No amount of training seems to break the user's desire to day-in and day-out use the File Explorer to access their documents. Asking them to use the browser to manage files is met with a lot of resistance. Though they are more than happy to work in Teams and click the sync button in teams.


If sensitivity labels are "hidden" inside the browser view they will be out of sight and out of mind. This will lead to users not using them.

@thetechguru you could use AIP+ Spirion, adds the missing efficiency for config and usage tools like explorer integration.

+1 on this request. I have several clients that have asked about this recently.

May I know the roadmap ID or link, please ?@Nir Hendler 

Any update for this trend?