Sensitive information in security and compliance center

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In the the security and compliance center, there is a page "Sensitive information" with a list of possible sensitive information types.


In front of the items are checkboxes, but I don't see an action button. Am I missing something or what is the use of the checkboxes?


I also noticed it in the talk of @Dan Holme in Copenhagen this afternoon, but forgot to ask...



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Yup, no actions for now as those are all built-in types, but with custom sensitive types we would have some actions to perform.

Thanks Vasil, pretty weird, the checkboxes are not disabled for these predefined types.


When creating a policy, only a limited set of predefined types is available, eg Belgium National Number is not available (at least via the UI). Any idea why?



I see all 81. You have to click the Add button to get the full list.

I found it, pfew, maybe I should RTFM :)


Thanks Vasil!