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Kindly want to know how we can detect credit card numbers digits without typing the name before the number?

for example: if directly the user types 1234 3654 6547 6789





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You should work with Data loss prevention in the Microsoft Purview portal ( Either built-in template or configure your create a custom policy.
I created the policy and it worked when i write in the email credit card number is .
But my question is how we can detected when directly type the digits?

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You'll want to create a custom sensitive information type under Purview's Data Classification and use a REGEX as a primary pattern; then, include this SIT into a DLP policy. If you want an example of a REGEX for Credit Card numbers, you can just search for them online. :) ALSO, you could copy the existing credit card SIT definition from the same Data Classification SIT list and then edit the copied SIT to exclude the keyword requirement.
The custom policy I mentioned but in detail :)

Thanks it helped.