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Is there a way to provide a user only to view all the settings of Security and compliance including threat management, data governance, alert dashboard and more importantly "secure score card"? I tried several different roles in security and compliance but none helps to full-fill this. If I provide compliance administrator, then user won't be able to see reports dashboard of "security and compliance" as well as "secure score card" too. Not sure which role will help us to make sure user has only "view only" for entire security and compliance" as well as "secure score card". 

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I would suggest creating a custom role group with a combination of all the "view-only" roles and whatever else is needed.

Hi Vasil,


Thanks for your reply. I tried to do that but still user is unable to view any reports with respect to ATP, malware detection, Spam and Spoof. Moreover user is not able to view Secure score too. 

Hello, everyone

Did you manage to fix this? I'm having the same problem, I was appointed as a security admin yesterday, and have no way of seeing the secure score. 

Secure score website, brings me to the 403 error as well.

Any tips on how you got this working?



Hi, Same thing here. 


I waited 24 hours but still the same Error 403 at our end as well. Any news on this: what are the checks to  be done to validate all is set as it should be ? Someone: any feedback ? 




On-topic: Anything to do with the O365 license ? What are the minimal license requirements for the security Dashbaord here:!/dashboard ?

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Hi Olaf,

To get Secure Score you need to have a commercial license of Office 365 and your tenant can't be hosted in the German, China, or GCC High and DOD cloud.