Security & Compliance Explorer Phishing Messages


Under Explorer, viewing emails identified as phishing under View > Phish.. there is a lack of columns and information regarding the emails compared to the description. To specify, the description of the view says that the information shown will contain the links in the email, the status of it was delivered or blocked and if the user has clicked on them. I'm not seeing any of this, just a list of emails from phishy senders.. Let me know if there is something I missed in the config for this..

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Yup, it still work in progress afaik. And not very well documented either. You can get some additional details for the message by clicking the Subject link, but nothing that actually reveals the "phish" URL or whether the user clicked it. That description better fits the Safe links functionality...

I would expect the phishing view to determine phishing emails, but then use the safelink information to show if the user clicked or not.. seems like a lot of things are a work in progress.