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Not sure which area this fits best, if there is a better location please do let me know.


Setting the scene:

SecureScore does consist on many services like Identity, Endpoint, Office365, Azure AD & MCAS

There is also a SecureScore in Azure Security Center (per subscription of course).

I found nice blog posts getting the ASC information in a LogAnalytics workspace with help of a LogicApp and porting this information in a PowerBI dashboard. This is working great for several types of stakeholders like security engineers, but also for risk managers.


I want to present in the same PBI dashboard the SecureScore information from the portal (getting it in LogAnalytics, pass forward to PBI); however I cant find any useful information.

can one of you get me on the right path?

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@Vasil Michev 
Thank you Vasil for the fast response.
yeah, using the graph explorer will deliver the statistics, however still a lot of work needs to be done to get in a LogAnalytics workspace, ordered, keeping the history, etc. I would say, not as mature as the ASC SC.
anyone else another idea?