SecureScore Rules not correctly evaluated sind June 30th




since Monday we noticed what appears to be some of the rules not being correctly.


Some easy examples being:

"Designate fewer than 5 global admins" - score reset to 0 despite having only three Global Admins

"Designate more than one global admin" - score reset to 0 despite having three Global Admins

"Store user documents in OneDrive for Business" score reset to 0. About half of the users use OneDrive.

"Enable Password Hash Sync if hybrid" - score set to 0, but implemented five days ago

"Delete/block accounts not used in last 30 days" - score is set to 0 despite no account have not logged in the past 30 days.


Does anyone see similar issues, or is this caused by a rule changed we have not figured out yet. We are seeing this behavior on three tenants.


Thank you




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The numbers where just adjusted and most of the items now show up correctly. Thank you.