Secure Sore - Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

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The Secure Sore - Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is not recognizing the policies implemented through the Office 365 Security & Compliance interface ( even when Exchange Online is one of the targets. 

The Secure Sore - Data Loss Prevention (DLP) details link directs to the Exchange Online admin center dashboard rather than the modern Office 365 Security & Compliance interface.  


Enable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies 20 points


Is there any way to ignore this score until it is fixed? 


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Hi James,


The telemetry we get should give you point for using DLP policies in the Security and Compliance Center.  We have had some telemetry issues recently though.  If it still not working, please use the feedback button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page as this gives us your tenant info so we can investigate.

Done; reported per your instruction. We'll see what happens. Thanks.