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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Secure Score - Using old Azure AD portal security report actions

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I was wondering is Secure Score being updated to use the new Azure AD portal security reports? At the moment these actions are recommended and most of them are from the old Azure AD portal


Review signs-ins after multiple failures report weekly (Being Retired)

Review sign-ins from unknown sources report weekly

Review signs-ins from multiple geographies report weekly (Being Retired)

Review sign-in devices report weekly


WIth two of these reports being retired in the future and much of these being consolidated in the new Azure portal with fewer reports and risk event types, will Secure Score be switched over to make use of these? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!

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I'd like to know about this too. Are these reports no longer going to be available?

Hi Cian and James,
The engineering team is looking to move over to the new Azure portal. I don't have a date yet but it on their radar to get done.

Any updates on this?  Azure AD will only be available through the new portal after 11/30/17.

Me as well. I have access to the new portal, and some reason the old gives me a subscription error. I checked our reports regularly yet it doesnt show up :X

Hi Jessie,


I will reach out again and see if the engineering team has a date as we do need to update this sooner than later.

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Hi Everyone,

I heard back from the team.  You should see updates to solve this come Monday morning pacific time.

Thanks for the update Anthony, that's great, I'll look out for these changes next week. 

Monday, November 20, 2017 16:17 Easter Standard Time (New York, USA) 

No change; the Office 365 Secure Score still points to old Azure AD Portal and references retiring reports. 

Office Secure Score wasn't working properly yesterday - it wasn't correctly showing points for MFA being enabled. I logged it with support and they confirmed it was an issue... so maybe they are busy changing things.

even now i have checked on azure portal today for those Review parameters 

It still says error unable to proceed any suggestions

I guess it is not getting updated to new portal

I'm in a similar boat. It shows I haven't looked at reports in over a week but I know for a fact I reviewed them on Monday. 

Hi Everyone,


Sorry for the late reply.  I spot checked the "Review sign-ins from unknown sources report weekly" and "Review signs-ins after multiple failures report weekly" reports this morning (pacific time) and it looks like the reports are pointing to the new portal.  If you are not seeing this, please use the feedback button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page to lets us know.

They all seem to point to the Risky sign ins report, and if you haven't paid for extra features you can't see anything helpful or drill into more detail. The 'classic' reports all worked on our current plan. Also the data between the 2 sets of reports doesnt seem to tie up.

I see the same behavior.  The risky signins does show things like signing in from multiple geographies, but after checking it for 2 weeks straight, my secure score report still reports that I have not checked it (since the last time I checked it on the old azure admin)

I am finding the same thing. The following are not updating for me:

Review sign-ins from unknown sources report weekly
Review signs-in (sic) from multiple geographies report weekly
Review role changes weekly
Review mailbox forwarding rules weekly (I have a powershell script that sends me the report weekly)
Review mailbox access by non-owners report bi-weekly
Review sign-in devices report weekly

Most all of these take you to the Azure AD. I review them, make corrections, etc. But the report still says I need to do it. Am I missing a step to get this checked off?