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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Secure Score - User alternate contact info is completed for all users

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 "We found that you have 5 accounts that do not have completed information."

It says it wants an alternate email address or cell phone number.


When I run the powershell command Get-MSOLUser to find AlternateEmailAddresses and MobilePhone none of this matches 5.

We have 13 accounts with Alternate Email and 6 with both Alternate Email and Cell Phone.

The rest of our 500+ Users have not filled in this information.


How do I resolve this?




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If those are the email/phone used for SSPR and MFA, they are not necessarily visible with PowerShell. In any case @Brandon Koeller should be able to give proper answer.

Here is the quick command I used with AAD Powershell just to see if I could find something.


Get-MsolUser -All | Sort DisplayName | Select-Object FirstName,LastName,DisplayName,UserPrincipalName,IsLicensed,*AlternateEmailAddresses,*MobilePhone | out-gridview


Not sure what else to look for since it doesn't specify.






I know which attributes you are referring to, however the ones actually used by SSPR/MFA might be the authenticationphone/authentication that even admins cannot see (via PowerShell). Check here for more info:

Thank you Vasil.


We do not have AAD Premium but I was able to view my account and see that the alternate email does not match what I set up in O365.

I am not able to update the alternate email in AAD to match O365.


However, I am going to see if the Secure Score number changes to 4 from 5 because I did not have an alternate phone number until I added it just now. I only had an alternate email listed.


If Secure Score does change to 4 then I will know the other 4 Admins to ask to verify their settings. Some use MFA and some SSPR.



Hey Denise,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble. I suspect this may be an issue with the telemetry stream from AAD. Engineering team is investigating.


Brandon Koeller