Secure Score (Resolved with Third Partys)

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Hi all,


I have a simple question about the Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score:


Is there any reason for the option "Resolved with Third Party" to give a client a full score, example 10/10?


I'm asking this because in an client perspective we might have questions like:


Client 1:  "I can select everything Resolved with Third Party and send the report to my manager that the security its ok".


Client 2: "If my third party service is perfect to Microsoft, why do I need to implement Microsoft services as MFA or others, if third party its ok?"


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Well they released this option to address feedback from customers on controls that they satisfied, but were unable to mark. Now you're bringing the opposite point :)


After all, it's just an option. And the score is just a number, it doesn't really matter what the value is. The important part is that you make a habit of reviewing those once in a while and make sure you stick to the best practices, that's the real value you get out of the tool.

So you are telling me that the score is just a number and it really doesn't matter the value. The focus here are best practices?
I think the scoring tool is to alert / advise customers to use Microsoft's solution to improve security. but if a customer asks me that he has selected "Resolved with Third Parties" and that option gave him the top score why investing (time - money - resources) to activate Microsoft solutions.

The question is simple:
How can I motivate a customer to replace a third party service with a Microsoft service if the score says that the third party service has a maximum score without even without knowing the solution.

You won't be able to convince a customer just with the secure score.
Because it's not that MS solutions are always better than 3th party solutions. I would recommend comparing the feature sets of the product