Secure Score Reports are not Counting Towards the Score

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I have been trying to improve our Secure Score score and have been running the reports that it suggests for a month or two now. I just realized that the reports have not been counting towards the score for some time. At first I thought it was because the reports were coming up empty, but even the reports that have data in them are not being scored. How do I fix this? 

Thanks in advance!

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I'd be interested in hearing the answer as well.  


There appear to be at least seven controls for reviewing reports worth 60 points combined.  What does it mean exactly "If you review this report, your score will go up points".  How are points assigned over time, is it based on a minimum amount of time, for example, before points are assigned and do they trickle down during a long amount of time?

Would love to know myself... have a few scores not showing up even though I've been doing them week in week out...

I have been having this issue myself.  Now that the Azure AD is being replaced with the new one, how do we get the same reports scored with the new Azure Portal?

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Hi Everyone,


If you review the reports via Secure Score you should get the points for this task.  If you don't review the reports again within the time frame mentioned then the points will be removed.


For the change in the Azure AD portal, you should expect to see these changes on Monday morning pacific time.

Is Secure Score going to update the links of the reports to point to where they are in Azure Active Directory rather than the old Azure AD before the cutover to the new Azure AD?

Hi Everyone,


Sorry for the late reply.  I spot checked the "Review sign-ins from unknown sources report weekly" and "Review signs-ins after multiple failures report weekly" reports this morning (pacific time) and it looks like the reports are pointing to the new portal.  If you are not seeing this, please use the feedback button in the bottom right of any Secure Score page to lets us know.