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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Secure Score not Scoring....

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Hi there,


I've been using Secure Score for a few months now to test the security baseline and see how customers can get the most out of it.  However every Tuesday I do the weekly reports which for the last two weeks are not showing up on my score.  You can see at the beginging of last month that it works and all the weekly reports are showing, however a few weeks ago even though I keep spending some 45 mins doing the weekly reports I dont see any score being registered.


Is there something I'm missing, I'm going directly to the report am I surposed to only go to the report via the Secure Score webpage?  Any help would be most welcome, I know that it can take upto 48 hours for things to show up but for it to never show up for weeks on end something must be wrong?




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no one having the same problem or no one using Secure Score :)

Hi James,


You need to access the reports from the Secure Score portal to get the points.  If you go directly to the source like the Azure Active Directory portal, Secure Score will not understand that you have reviewed the report. 


Sorry for the delay on the reply.

Hi Anthony,


Thanks for the reply but I've going from the portal and it's hit and miss if it shows up in the Secure Score or not.  Is there any way to be 100% sure that it has registered results towards the Secure Score?


Also is this going to change in the future so that if customers go directly to the reports they still get the score as it adds quite a bit of time to each task to go to Secure Score and click each one just so it registers the score?




I am facing exactly the same issue and though I access the reports from the Secure Score portal, there is no change to scoring.

Hi James,


Can you share with me which reports are not giving you the points if you access them via Secure Score?


For your question on accessing and still getting the points, there are currently no plans to do this but I am happy to bring this up to the engineering team.

Hi Stelios,


Can you share with me which reports are not giving you the points if you access them via Secure Score?


The "Enable mailbox auditing for all users" for example. Mailbox auditing has been enabled for all users.

The metrics text is:

"We found that you had 0 mailboxes of 0 with audited enabled.


In a similar manner, all other reports we run a weekly or biweekly basis, do not seem to have any affect on the scoring.


The weekly reports and as stated the the Audit ones I've tried so many times and they are not showing up as complete in Scure Score...

Same issue here, scores not being updated.


Reviewed all the audit reports, launching from the securescore portal, and this isn't being reflected in our secure score.

Hi James, Stelios, and Wali,


Can you share with me your tenant names so I can have my engineering team take a look deeper look at this?

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Did you manage to find a solution? I appear to have the same problem. I complete the task as requested through the Secure Score portal but, my score is not updated

Hi Colin,

The engineering team is working on this and they think they have narrowed the problem down.  Some of the issues should already be corrected but if you are not getting points for something please send me your tenant name and the control that you are not getting points for and I will added it to the bug I have open with the team.

Hi Anthony,


How is it going at the backend so to speak? :)  Have they resolved all the problems and what was the issue?  




Hi James,

I think we have many of the issues ironed out but there is still a bug on getting points for view reports.  I am hopeful that the fix for this goes in the evening of 7/5 (pacific time).  If so, the next time the score calulates you should have all your points.

If you are still missing points, please let us know via the feedback button at the bottom right of the Secure Score page.

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to provide a quick update. The change that was to fix the issues did not go in last night and should be going in this evening. Sorry for the delay.

So, my score was stuck on a particular date, but it seems the calculation is running ok again with respect to reports (I don't have to launch each from the secure score site, i can just work my way down the built in reports on azure AD).

I can only find these reports on the old portal though - can they be listed and run from the new portal?

I still have the same problem for "Enable Mailbox Auditing for All Users" - that has never worked.

I've used the script published.

Using "Get-Mailbox | Select Name, AuditEnabled, AuditLogAgeLimit" all my users are set to audit enabled and age 365

But still I score 0 of 0?

thank you,


Hi Mark,

I just ran the enablemailboxauditing.ps1 script against a test tenant to see if I can repo the issue. If I don't get the points tomorrow, I will escalate to the engineering team to see if they can figure out why.
Hi Mark,
My test tenant did not get the points. I will send a note to our engineering team but it would be great if you could PM me your tenant name. It would be great to give them another tenant to verify the problem on.