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I have been using Secure Score now for the past month and struggling to understand how to get some of the areas to be recognised properly and score appropriately.


For example:

1. MFA for privileged roles. 3 of 4 are enabled, only 1 (powershell admin - is disbaled because it doesn't work nicely with MFA). Yet Secure Score gives me 0 score and tells me none of Admin accounts are setup!

2. Turn on mailbox auditing for all users, this is enabled for all mailboxes across all Audit levels - Admin, Delegate and Owner. Yet Secure Secure gives me 0 score and tells me none of the mailboxes are enabled!!

3. External Link Sharing expiration, I have the setting enabled and a number provided, Yet Secure Score gives me 0.


Do I need to go the Secure Score platform working properly or am I missing something?




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@tommykolega I will join here and say we used to get useful data out of Secure Score but have recently started to see the same behavior: 

  • "You have 0 of 0 accounts with privileged roles"
  • "You currently have 0 global admins."
  • "External link expiration time is in place: False." - when it is on



Hi Tommy,


I faced same issue a while a go. In Secure Score FAQ is statement that score should be updated in 48 hours.

"The score is calculated once per day (around 1:00 AM PST). If you make a change to a measured action, the score will automatically update the next day. It takes up to 48 hours for a change to be reflected in your score." 


I opened a ticket to Microsoft support for curiosity because my own scores didn't update. For me it took two weeks of calendar time and during that period support personnel needed to run some scripts/commands in the back-end but finally we got it working and scores updated. After this case all the changes has been reflected to scores properly.

Looks like the average score is 0 for everything and it doesn't even recognize our industry we are in.  So I think there has been a major hiccup in the scoring systems.

@Zeff Wheelock 

Yes - there is a problem. Hope they can fix it soon!