Secure Score not Scoring Correctly...

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Hi All,


I have been using Office 365's Secure Score within the Security and Compliance section within the admin portal.  And I have noticed that my score is not correct based on all the tasks I have completed. 


I created multiple data loss prevention polices however the secure score isnt recognising that I have them enabled.


Obviously I have tried disabling them then enabling.  I have also tried making small changes then resaving.. but still nothing?


Does anyone know what it is I am missing?  I'd love to be able to use this tool to strictly monitor all the security procedures I am following. 


Thank You,


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Hi Chloe,


Would you mind using the feedback button in the bottom right side of any Secure Score page to report this.  When you do this, we can get your tenant info and take a look and see why this is happening.