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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Secure score not scoring ATP policies

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Our Secure Score says we don't have ATP safe attachments policy or safe links policy enabled. However, if I go to our Exchange Admin page, Advanced Threats, both safe attachments and safe links have 1 policy and they are enabled. 

Is there a way to troubleshoot what is going on here?


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Hi Aaron,

Can you submit a feedback request from Secure Score so we can get your tenant info and see what is going on?  I can reproduce this in my tenant so I think this is a bug but having another tenant to review would be great.

Sure, can do. Assume just use the feedback popup and check the contact me about this button?


I'm also having a problem with the mobile items too. It says I should enable policies for MDM. When I click launch, I'm taken to a page that says I'm already using Intune and don't need MDM. We have these policies enabled within Intune but I am unable to either mark it as done and the system doesn't see it as completed. 


Hi Aaron,

You are correct on the feedback button.  Please use that.


For Intune, we are having some problems with the telemetry for it right now.  This is a known bug and we are working on fixing it so you get the points for meeting the MDM policies with Intune and not the Office 365 MDM solution.

Thanks for the insight to Intune/MDM.


I've submitted two feedback requests with links back to both of the conversations here. 


Thanks again for the help.


Same here. ATP scoring stopped on 5/8.
It looks like ours is getting scored correctly now.

Same for me. Submitted feedback