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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Secure Score not registering completed tasks

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I was asked to post my Secure Score issue here from MS Technical Support.


Please see the attached spread sheet.  All of the tasks highlighted in green have been completed and saved many times over the last few months.  While I am not necessarily concerned about the score itself, I would like to clear completed tasks so that I do not have to weed through them every time I log into the site for improvements and be assured that they have been completed.  Tasks with red text are items that are not practical in our environment.  The blue and gray text are items that either don't apply or are features that we do not use.  In green text, TLS is currently being worked on and we would like to turn off legacy authentication, but this apparently blocks Android's native mailer, which we use extensively (true/false?). The red highlights are premium services that we are not using and likely not to use as we move towards a different MDM.  Any assistance to get the Secure Score page to correctly update would be greatly appreciated.  ~PQ

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I have the same issue and asked Microsoft for help. They said I needed to add all of my domains in some of my rules, but that did not change anything.

Thank you!  I ended up working at length with Microsoft on this.  Those items the are marked [Not scored] may be added manually but are not "wired up" to be registered on the Secure Score site at this point in time (our score has shown between about 140 and 170 but is, in reality, around 270).  I had one item that was corrected, but the rest I just gave up on.  While the advise is valuable, the scoring site it not ready for prime-time and is arbitrary and confusing, at best.  All in all, it is a waste of time past following the basic instructions.  ~PQ


Thanks for letting me know. I'll show it to my Boss. They have been asking why its not done.