Secure Score no longer updating

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I've been working on improving our "secure score" but the last time it updated was on Feb 26th. Any idea why it stopped scanning? Is there still no way to perform a manual scan?

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There isn't an option for manual scans, that would be a nice feature request and had been mentioned in the preview discussion.  Scans are every 24 hours I believe.  I just checked our dashboard and the last results were from February 27th. From Brandon Koeller:


"The Secure Score is calculated once per day (at 1am PST). Otherwise, you should see your score reflect your actions within a maximum of 24 hours!"  Anything labelled [Not Scored] won't change the score.


I'd asked about what support is available for Secure Score that has gone unanswered in another post, for these type of problems.

I made some changes for scored criteria, and my score did not change.  I have waited over 49 hours .  I verified that the changes were made.

I had a look at the Introducing the Office 365 Secure Score support article and it says this:


How often is my score updated?


The score is calculated once per day (around 1:00 AM PST). If you make a change to a measured action, the score will automatically update the next day. It takes up to 48 hours for a change to be reflected in your score.


So two days isn't unexpected but if it goes on much longer it may be an issue.



Thanks, I will check it in every Monday.

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my score isn´t updated since Wednesday either! Seems to be a behaviour on more than one account. Checking my Score it states March 1st. Even the analyzer stopps on March 1st, even when earlier every day hit a check.


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My score did update - sort of. My last update was 28 Feb.

I've run into this same issue with no fix.  Working to contact support today.


Has anyone else found a fix?

After connecting with MS they said that this is an issue they can replicate internally and there is no fix. They recommended to submit Feedback: