Secure Score: Mismatch between Microsoft 365 Security Center and Graph API

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Hi there,


I am wondering that there is a mismatch between the Secure Score value in the Microsoft 365 Security Center and the Graph API.


When I check the Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 Security Center, the displayed score is 48.09% and 377 from 784 points. When I query the values from the Microsoft Graph, the returned score is 44.88% and 136 from 303 points.


To receive values from the Graph, I do a GET on


Can you tell where the mismatch is coming from? Do I need further parameters using the API?


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@julianmwe Use the developer tools in your browser to see what API' are called when the dashboard is created. That will give you more insight. I don't think the Graph API is used to build this dashboard.



Thanks @JanBakkerOrphaned. I figured out that the difference comes from the fact, that I used the Secure Score preview in the portal which is not included in the API yet.

@julianmwe ah okay. How did you found the API's? With the developer tools? 

@JanBakkerOrphaned Nope. I noticed a link to the stable release of the Secure Score in the portal which simply matches with the values I got from the API. Also a colleague shared this link with me were is stated, that the API does not cover the functionalities of the portal yet:


I also tried to get the right Uri with the Dev Tools. It seems that the portal is using "" but I don't not how to use it.


I decided to wait until the preview functionality is also available in the API.