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Secure Score empty page

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Last week i was editing our Secure Score. Everything went great. A day later i was doing the same thing, and i'm getting an empty page after saving some notes. I'm also getting a blank page after clicking on "Resolved through third-party". Never seen this one before. All of the Admins are getting blank pages after saving. I tested this issue in all major browsers and on different clients.


Edit 15-10-2019: After clicking on save, the following error occured:



Edit 16-10-2019: Just spoke to Microsoft, they are aware of the problem. It's the new experience look causing issues. They do not have an ETA for a solution.

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If you can reliably reproduce it, open a support case.



Same issue on my side:


M365 Security - MS Secure Score – Improvement Actions:

  • Click on Action, click on review, new tab opens, MS Secure Score – Improvement Actions page goes blank.
  • When completing action it does not register as completed


Happens in Edge and Chrome

Thnx @VasilMichev, already did that. I was the only one who reported this issue. Microsoft redirected me to this forum after the phone call.

Secure Score is an ongoing process, they make so many changes a day. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

This forum is not a support channel, and the engineer should do his job instead of redirecting you here. 

I've been having this issue across different client tenants, tested for the last 3 days incase it was an update issue, using different machines, browsers etc. same result. 


Adding notes, 'Resolved by Third party', when clicking the save button the browser fails to save. It seems to hang on a blank giving a blank page. @markw 

@markw Can confirm this is also happening in several tenants we maintain. The issue was first observed on 10/8 when performing Review actions for controls requiring weekly review. Its the same symptom, i.e. click button results in blank page, the action never registers, and the same javascript error is listed. I've submitted through the Feedback button on secure score that it's currently broken.

@markw We had customers reach out over the weekend using the feedback mechanism available on Security and Compliance Center and have opened a bug tracking the issue, which has been assigned to a developer for investigation.

Anyone received any report back on this issue?

No, they do not have an ETA for a solution.

The Microsoft Secure Score team believes we have found a fix for this issue, and it is in the process of being deployed to production.

Hi, did the Microsoft Secure Team implemented a solution? It looks like it's working, but it's still not saving any of my changes. At least it doesn't show me a blank page anymore. But would be nice if it was actually working :)

@markw can you share some additional information

  • what action you attempted to update
  • what update did you attempted to make specifically
  • what behavior did you see when you attempted to save
  • What browser are you using


This will help the team investigate



Hi @Beth2312 . I'm experiencing the same as @markwilbrink


On my side:

* Chrome and Edge

* Specific Actions (Rank): 19, 24, 25, 26 and 107

* Select Action; "Review" in Action side pane/window; new tab where action is completed; "Save" in original Action side pane/window and then side pane/window closes

* When opening Action pane, no "Action completed by xxx on xxx" appears for Action (Rank) 19, 24, 25, 26 but 107 indicates date of Oct 4 2019




Hi Beth,

1. Block Client Forwarding Rules [Not Scored] / Require MFA for all users
2. Save some notes and clicked on "Resolved by third-party".
3. After saving it reloads the page without any of my changes.
4. Google Chrome ;)



@markw : your issue been resolved yet?


@Beth2312: any feedback for me?



No, not yet. Still waiting for a solution from Microsoft.

@mulzar we believe we have root caused the issue and are working on getting a fix out.

Any news? @Beth2312 

@mulzar a fix was backported that we believe fixed the root cause of the blank page and the saving issue.  If you're still seeing the issue please try logging out, closing your browser, and trying again.  Let me know if you're still having problems after that.