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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Secure score dropped from 500 to 359 , Most Intune policies have not complete and nolonger scored.

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Secure score dropped from 500 to 359 , Most Intune policies have not complete and nolonger scored. I haven't made any changes to our Intune policies therefore doesn't understand why.

Please assist.

Thanks so much

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@Sesu-  We are seeing the same in all of our managed tenants and first observed on 1/29.  Assumption is an issue on the Microsoft side as I have not seen any communication regarding by design changes with these controls. Suggest using "Feedback" option on the Secure Score page to communicate a possible issue.

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@Shaun WagnerHi,

Read document below, check the what's coming section you will realise Microsoft decided not to score Intune policies hence reduced the secure scores.

Appreciate the clarification that this was clearly by design.

@Sesu- Thanks for the info? Is there any way to stay informed about this beforehand? I'm subscribed to some newsletters / channels but I did not hear from this; What's the best "spot" to stay tunned to changes in the secure score?


We became aware last week of an issue where Intune related improvement actions stopped scoring.  This was not intended, and appears to be due to a failure in a data stream.  As mentioned in a previous reply there are (and were already) plans to remove the Intune improvement actions, however the recent lack of scoring on this set of actions was actually unrelated.

The "What's coming?" section of our docs is the best place to stay aware of upcoming changes to the product.


Also, the feedback tool that is on the page is definitely monitored...  by me...  so it's a great way to get ahold of us if you're having any issues, have ideas, etc.

@Christian Rodríguez Giménez just read the latest updates documents on the topic of interest on a monthly basis or the that What's Coming article i shared above.

@Beth2312 Out of curiosity, does that mean the score will go up or it's already a done deal for now? Thank you for the feedback page, we will surely utilise it as often as possible.

Since the Intune related actions will be removed soon we can’t warrant putting time toward fixing them, and are instead trying to get out the removal as quickly as we can. The Secure Score team is using this as a learning case as we build pipeline monitors and an anomaly detection system in an effort to improve reliability and issue response times.
I realize this is an old thread but based on the details I'm reading I think our tenant has had these long retired Intune actions show up in April 2023, they do not update, they can not be marked as mitigated - do you know who we may be able to contact to resolve this?