Secure score date and time inncorrect

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Hi there,

I have a quick question. 

For most of my weekly reviews to improve secure score, it gives me the following "We found that the last time you reviewed this report was on 1/1/0001. If you review this report, your score will go up points". - clearly the date is inncorrect and I have reviewed the content 2 days prior to this. 
How am I able to change the date or is secure score still being troubleshooted for this?

Many thanks 


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Hi there. I am facing the same problem... The vast of the actions that I perform are not taken into account for the secure score...

How can we correct this problem?

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Hi Mitchell and Ricardo,


Are you still seeing this problem?  If so, please PM me your teant name and the controls that still have the issue.  Note that if these contorls are for viewing reports you must access them via Secure Score to get the points.