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Ok, so documents protected using Azure RMS templates are not searchable. What is your experience with using Azure RMS protection in your organisation? In our case majority of the documents will end up with Confidential policy (employees can read or edit), it will be a major issue if those documents don't show up in the search result. Example: Say panama_paper_list.docx is the document is in a Library in SharePoint (we aren't using SharePoint IRM). 

  • User1, User2 and User3 have access to the Library
  • User1 has applied RESTRICTED RMS Policy on the document, allowing only User1 to edit and User2 to view the document
  • User3 can see the document as an item in the Library, User3 can also download the document, but when User3 tries to open the document using Office Application, Azure RMS will prevent it from displaying content of the document to User3.

Ideally, in an Azure RMS supported Search App, if User3 searches for “Panama”, the document as an item may show up in the search result (file name match), but User3 should not be able to preview the document. Whereas, User1 or User2 should be able to preview the document in the search result page.


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Well, seems I misundestood this as a question. As Dean mentioned in the other thread, Microsoft is already working on better implementation of RMS in SharePoint, including the new classification labels. They havent disclosed much yet, but in general if you want to keep track on this, the best resource is the AIP Yammer network: